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Businesses should not overlook state trademark registration. Many trademarks/tradenames used by local or even a state-wide business do not qualify for federal trademark registration. The trademark/service mark may well be issued, but it can also be invalidated by a court when challenged or when enforcement is attempted by the owner. A federal trademark must be used in interstate commerce. A federal trademark not used in interstate commerce can be cancelled by a U.S. District Court if challenged. In addition, state court is usually cheaper and can be faster than a federal action. Also keep in mind that trademarks are issued in many different classes of goods and services. Proper protection may well require that you register (and pay the fees) in more than one class. Doing this first on a state level is faster and more economical usually.

Trademarks fall into a large number of groupings of goods. Servicemarks are much more limited in classes of services and often just one or two classes will protect most service businesses.

This list is provided as a public service and is correct to the best of our knowledge. This page/site does not constitute legal advice. Be certain to do your own research and if needed, consult a local qualified attorney.

Alabama $30.00 TradeMark Application

Alaska $50.00, TradeMark Application

Arizona Trademark $15, Service Mark $10. TradeName Application Form. Must be registered or incorporated in Arizona. TradeMark and ServiceMark Application

Arkansas $50.00. Trademark Application.

California $70.00. Renewal $30.00. Also $10 registration for laundry supply designation, registration of names for farms, ranches, estates and Villas. Brands of returnable containers $30.00. Filing Life: 5 Years. TradeMark Application.

Colorado 10 year registration. $50.00. TradeMark Application

Connecticut Application $50.00, Renewal $100. TradeMark Application

Delaware - $35.00, 10 years. Renewal $35.00, Trademark Application

District of Columbia- Tradename Registration $55. Renewal $55. Trademark Information

Florida $87.50. Application

Georgia - $15.00, TradeMark Application

Hawaii - $50.00. Fees Reduced for 2015 to $25.00. 5 years. TradeMark Application

Idaho $30.00. TradeMark Application

Illinois - $10. Renewal $5.00 TradeMark Application

Indiana- $10.00 TradeMark Application

Iowa $10.00, TradeMark Application

Kansas- $40.00. 5 Years. TradeMark Application

Kentucky - $10.00. 5 Years. TradeMark Application

Louisiana- $50.00, Trademark Information Application for Registration of Mark (PDF 42kb): TradeMark Application

Maine $60.00. TradeMark Application

Maryland - $50.00, 10 Years. TradeMark Application

Massachusetts- $50.00, $45.00 if filed by fax. TradeMark Application

Michigan - $50.00, TradeMark Application

Minnesota- Site down at time of review. Application Form

Mississippi - $50 Resident, $60 Non-Resident. TradeMark Application

Missouri- $55.00, Application Form

Montana - $20.00. Application Form

Nebraska- $100. 10 Years. Publication required. Application Form

Nevada - Registration $100, Renewal $50. Application Form

New Hampshire - $50.00. Application Form

New Jersey- $50.00, Application Form.

New Mexico- Application Form Physical location in state needed for distribution of goods or services.

New York- $50.00, Application Form

North Carolina - $75.00, Renewal $35.00, Application Form Business must be actually operating in the state, requires signature to be notarized by a NC notary.

North Dakota- $30.00 Additional Classes $20.00, Application Form

Ohio- $125.00 Renewal $25.00, Application Form, and Business Services Information.

Oklahoma- $50.00, Application Form

Oregon- $50.00, Application Form

Pennsylvania- $50.00, Renewal $50.00, Application Form

Rhode Island- $50.00, Application Form

South Carolina- $15.00, Application Form

South Dakota- $125.00, 4 Years. Application Form

Tennessee- $20.00, Application Form

Texas- $50.00, 5 Years (Changed from 10 years),Application Form

Utah- $50.00, Application Form

Vermont - $20.00, 5 Years, Trade Name $40.00, Renewal $20.00, Application Form

Virginia - $30.00, State Corporation Commission, Application Form

Washington - $55.00, Renewal $50.00, 5 Years, Application Form

West Virginia - $50.00, 10 Years, Application Form

Wisconsin - $15, 10 Years, Department of Financial Institutions, Application Form

Wyoming - Trade Name & TradeMark $100.00, 5 Years, Application Form Wyoming Trademark and Service Mark Law: Statutes

Puerto Rico - Application Form (in Spanish)

Copyright Protection Worldwide -

What is the difference between a trademark, service mark, and trade name?

Trademark Any word, name, symbol, or device, or any combination thereof, used by a person to identify and distinguish the goods of that person, including a unique product, from those manufactured or sold by others, and to indicate the source of the goods, even if that source is unknown.

Service Mark Any word, name, symbol, or device, or any combination thereof, used by a person to identify and distinguish the services of that person, including a unique service, from the services of others, and to indicate the source of the services, even if that source is unknown. Titles, character names used by a person, and other distinctive features of radio or television programs may be registered as service marks notwithstanding that they, or the programs, may advertise the goods of the sponsor.

Trade Name Any name used by a person to identify a business or vocation of that person.

Examples of Things Not Trademarkable -

T-Shirts Example:

The take-aways for would-be trademark profiteers:

- Slogans or terms that merely convey an informational message are not registrable.

- Slogans that are closely identified with and suggest a connection with an individual are not registrable.

- Although not discussed in these decisions, a slogan on a t-shirt may not be registerable if it is merely ornamental and not an indicator of source. For instance, D&G on a shirt is a trademark, but a funny or political phrase is not. Short phrases and titles are not copyrightable.

- Make your t-shirts, but skip paying a filing fee to the Trademark Office and make a donation to the cause that you're purportedly supporting.

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