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A DBA or dba means "doing business as." This is when you are doing business under a name other than that of the corporation or LLC. It is also called a fictitious name or assumed name. Individuals who are doing business under an assumed name are also required to file. Some states require filing with the county in which you are operating. Other states such as Florida have created a state-wide registration system operated by the Florida Secretary of State. Many states require a public notice be published in a newspaper of general circulation qualified to print public notices.

This list is provided as a public service and is correct to the best of our knowledge. This page/site does not constitute legal advice. Be certain to do your own research and if needed, consult a local qualified attorney.

Alabama Good for 10 years. Register as a trade name under Trademarks. Fictitious name registration: $10.00.

Alaska Department of Commerce, Business License $50.00 Application Form & Instructions

Arizona Not legally required, but suggested. DBA registrations on county level. Register a Trade Name. $10.00.

Arkansas Fictitious Name $50.00

California Registered in the County where business has principal place of business.

Colorado See the Colorado Fictitious Name Act. Does not seem to be available online.

Connecticut Requires registration of trade name.

Delaware Filed in each county in which the company is doing business. $25.00 filing fee. Registration required by state law.

District of Columbia- Can be created at the same time as the business license filing.

Florida - $50.00, 5 Years, Fictitious Name Application.

Georgia - Registered in the County where business is conducted.

Hawaii - Trade name registration.

Idaho - Certificate of Assumed Business Name. $25.00.

Illinois -Registered at County level. $50.00.

Indiana - Assumed names are filed at the county level.Registration Form $30.00

Iowa- $5.00, Name Registration Form

Kansas- The state has no requirement or process to register fictitious names.

Kentucky Assumed Name $20.00, 5 years. Registration Form

Louisiana- Registered in individual Parish (County). A trade name registration can be done at the state level, but it does replace the need for Parish registration.

Maine- Assumed Name Registration. Commercial registered agent $155.00.

Maryland- Assumed Name Application.

Massachusetts- Registration with Town Clerk and County. Generally $75.00. 4 Years.

Michigan- Assumed Name $10.00, Application Form.

Minnesota- Register with the Minnesota Secretary of State.

Mississippi $25.00 Appliction Form. Must be authorized to conduct business in Mississippi.

Missouri - $7.00

Montana - $20.00, 5 Years.

Nebraska- Register as Trade Name.

Nevada - Register in County Clerk.

New Hampshire - Register as a Trade Name, $50.

New Jersey- Certificate of Registration

New Mexico- State does not have a process for filing an assumed name. The entity must file as a corporation, LLC or other legal entity.

New York- $25.00 or $100.00. Assumed names filed at the county level. The SOS has an online signup where you can register in one or multiple counties. The 5 counties that make up the City of New York are $100.00 each. All other counties in the state are $25.00. Assumed names can be done at the state or county level.Certificate of Assumed Name

North Carolina - DBA, assumed names are filed in each county you intend to do business in. Fee is $26.00 per county. No state-wide filing.

North Dakota- $25 Trade Name Registration.

Ohio- $50.00, Assumed Name Certificate

Oklahoma- A dba is a trade name. Register trade name.

Oregon- $50.00, Assumed Business Name Registration

Pennsylvania-$70.00, Ficticious Name Registration Publication requirement.

Rhode Island- $50.00, Fictitious Name Registration

South Carolina- Business Registrations

South Dakota- $10.00, Fictitious Name Registration

Tennessee- $20.00, Assumed Name.

Texas- $25.00, 10 Years, Also filed with the County Clerk, $14.00.

Utah- $22.00, 3 Years, DBA Form

Vermont - $50.00 Tradename

Virginia - Obtain certificate from Circuit Court in County where business is located and file with the Virginia State Corporation Commission. Assumed Name

Washington - No information available.

Wisconsin - Adoption of Fictitious Name.

West Virginia - $25, Tradename Registration

Wyoming Tradename Registration $100.00.

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