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This list is provided as a public service and is correct to the best of our knowledge. This page/site does not constitute legal advice. Be certain to do your own research and if needed, consult a local qualified attorney.

In addition to the incorporation fees you will need a registered agent. Even if you are incorporating in your own state, Blue Planet recommends that you engage a professional registered agent for reasons that are detailed on Also check out Florida Corporate if you need a registered agent in Florida. Sign up for our useful mailing list too.

Alabama Domestic filing fee: $100. Foreign: $150.

Alaska Domestic: $250. Foreign: $350.

Arizona Arizona Corporation Commission, For-Profit $60.00, Non-Profit $40.00, Foreign $175.

Arkansas Corporation and LLC, Domestic: $50.00, Foreign: $300.00. Non-profit same fees. Commercial registered agents must be registered with the Secretary of State.

California Domestic & Foreign: $100. LLC/LLP: $70.00. CA has new forms of corporations.

Colorado Domestic Corporation and LLC: $50.00. Foreign $100.00

Connecticut $250 including franchise fee up to 20K shares of stock. Foreign corporation $385. $40 Non-profit. LLC/Domestic & Foreign: $120.

Delaware $89.00. Foreign: Domestication $214.00 plus filing fee of $89.00. Stock corporations have a franchise fee which can be calculated on the Secretary of State website.

District of Columbia - $225 for Domestic Business Corporation with authorized capital up to $100,000. Authorized capital of $100,000 to $500,000 Fee $550. Increasing fees over that amount of capital. Foreign Business Corporation $220. Domestic Non-Profit $80. LLC, LP, LLP $220. Processing time 10-15 days. One day expedite fee $250.

Florida - Domestic & Foreign: $78.75.

Georgia $100 Domestic, $225 Foreign.

Hawaii $50.00 Domestic and Foreign. Registered Agent Listing Statement $100.00.

Idaho Domestic & Foreign: $100.00, Non-Profits: $30.00.

Illinois -Domestic & Foreign Incorporation $150.00,

Indiana- Domestic: $90.00, Foreign $90.00.

Indiana NameSearch

Iowa- Domestic: $50.00, Foreign: $100.00.

Kansas- $90.00 Domestic Incorporation.
Only domestic corporations can be filed online. Foreign Corporation Registration: $115.00. Paper filing only.

Kentucky- Domestic: $40.00 plus organizational fee based upon number of shares, a mimum of $10.00. Foreign $90.00.

Louisiana- Domestic: $75.00, Foreign: $100.00

Maine June 1 - $85 Domestic, $150 Foreign, $35 Non-Profits, Domestic and Foreign. Late filing penalty.

Maryland- $120.00 plus additional fee based on stock. Foreign Corporation Qualification Form

Massachusetts- Domestic: $275.00. Foreign: $400.00, $375 if filed by fax. LLC: $500.00.

Michigan Not listed anywhere anyone can find it. Incompetents.

Minnesota- $45.00

Mississippi Domestic: $50.00, Foreign Non-Profit $100, Profit $500.00. Commercial Registered Agents must be listed. Fee $100.00.

Missouri- Foreign Registration: $155.00, Domestic: Based on amount of authorized stock. Min. $58.00. Non-Profit $25.00. LLC: $105.00.

Montana - Domestic & Foreign: $70.00, Non-Profit $20.00. Commercial Registered Agent $150.00.

Nebraska- $60 to $300 based upon amount of authorized capital stock. Foreign: $130.00. Non-profits $10.00.

Nevada - $75.00 Minimum to $375 (First Million). Foreign Corp. $175 minimum. Based on authorized shares. Notice publication required. Commercial registered agent listing.

New Hampshire - Domestic & Foreign: $100.00

New Jersey- Domestic, Foreign, Foreign Non-Profits $125.00, Domestic Non-Profit $75.00

New Mexico- Domestic Articles of Incorporation, $100 (minimum) and up to $1000 (maximum) (based on $1 for each 1,000 shares of the total amount of authorized shares, but in no case will the filing fee be less than $100 nor more than $1000). Foreign: $200 minimum. Non-Profit $25.00.

New York- $125.00, Foreign $225.00, Foreign Professional $200.00, Non-Profit $75.00, Foreign $135.00.

North Carolina - $125.00, Foreign $250.00

North Dakota- Corporation $100, LLC $135.00, Foreign Corporation $145.00, Commercial Registered Agents Act, $1,000.

Ohio- The minimum filing fee for Articles is $125.00. For that fee, a corporation is entitled to authorize up to 1,500 shares of stock. If a corporation’s Articles authorize more than 1,500 shares of stock, an additional fee must be paid at the time of filing. The maximum filing fee for any corporation’s Articles is $100,000. To determine the amount of the shares fee your corporation must pay, please visit the Secretary of State’s website and use the “Shares Calculator” located within the Forms and Fee Schedule section or call a customer service representative at (877) SOS-FILE. The authorized shares fee structure is provided in Ohio Revised Code Section 111.16.

Oklahoma- LLC $100.00, Non-Profit $25.00, Foreign Corp., LLC, LP $300.00,

Oregon- Domestic $100.00, Foreign $275.00, Non-Profit $50.00,

Pennsylvania- Corp/LLC/LLP $125.00, Foreign: $250.00.

Rhode Island- Domestic $230.00, Foreign: $310.00, Domestic Non-Profit: $35.00 Foreign NP $50.00, Domestic & Foreign LLC $150.00.

South Carolina- Domestic & Foreign Corporation, LLC, $110.00, NP $25.00.

South Dakota- Domestic & Foreign $150.00, LP $125.00, LLC $150.00, NP $30.00, Commercial Registered Agent Filing Required, $100.00.

Tennessee- Domestic Corp./LP $100.00, LLC $50.00, Foreign $600.00

Texas- $300.00, PA/LP $750.00, Foreign Entity $750.00,

Utah- $70.00, Foreign $37.00. DBA Registration.

Vermont- Domestic $75.00, Foreign $100, Profit & NP.

Virginia - $75.00 minimum. Total based upon Authorized Shares.

Washington - WA Corporations and PCs-domestic and foreign: $69 WA LLCs and PLLCs-domestic and foreign: $69 WA Nonprofits-domestic and foreign: $10 WA LLPs and LPs-domestic and foreign: $60 WA Charities: $40.

Wisconsin - Corp. $100, LLC $130.00, NP $35.00

West Virginia - Domestic $50.00, Foreign $100.00, NP Domestic $25.00, Foreign NP $50.00.

Wyoming - Non-Profit $25.00, LP, LLP $100.00, Profit Corp/LLC $100.00, Commercial Registered Agent filing.

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